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Solvar Sterling Silver Tiny Trinity Knot Stud Earrings

Solvar Sterling Silver Tiny Trinity Knot Stud Earrings

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From Solvar's Fáilte range. Earrings are Sterling silver and .24'' by .24''. Featuring the Trinity Knot symbolizing eternal love and The Holy Trinity. Made in Ireland. 

Trinity Knot

The Trinity Knot has its origins traced to the famous Book of Kells, created in an Irish monastery hundreds of years ago. Monks worked tirelessly to spread the word of God, using the never-ending knot to illustrate the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The knot is also used to symbolize eternal love and the interconnectedness between mind, body, and spirit. 

Meet Our Vendor

Solvar exemplifies admiration of Ireland to its very core. On a family trip in 1941, one man was struck by the rich culture and allure of Ireland. Born out of appreciation of the beauty of Killarney’s Gap of Dunloe, founder Gustaf “Nicky” Obernik endeavored to create jewelry inspired by the history and heritage of Ireland. With only two employees on No. 10 Harcourt Street in Dublin, his company of humble beginnings soon became known for its exquisite Celtic and Irish inspired work. Most notably, he was one of the first individuals to incorporate Connemara Marble, a beautiful stone that can only be found in Ireland, into his brooches. Obernik’s two sons, Tony and Nicky carried on the family business in the 60’s by providing their unique talents. Tony travelled to and fro and gathered inspiration while Nicky developed meaningful relationships with customers. The heritage continues with Obernik’s grandson Marcus, who currently works as the creative director.

Solvar pieces are unique in their design, through which they tell the story of Ireland's rich past. Master designers craft meaningful Irish symbols into timeless works that embody Ireland’s legacy. Through passion and with much attention to detail, Solvar creates Celtic and Irish Jewelry in bustling Dublin for the entire world to enjoy.

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