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ShanOre SS Swarovski® Crystal Sea Turtle Pearl Pendant

ShanOre SS Swarovski® Crystal Sea Turtle Pearl Pendant

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Sparkling peridot green crystals from Swarovski® frame a solitary dangling pearl by Swarovski in this sterling silver turtle pendant from The Ocean Collection by Shanore Ireland. Architectural style, elegant design, and intricate detail bring the Peridot Turtle Pendant to life.

Turtle, Peridot, and Pearl

The turtle is a most fascinating sea creature regarded for its graceful beauty and symbolic significance. In tales of lore, the turtle used its strong shell to lift the weight of the ocean floor to the top of the water, in turn bringing land to be. Its figure is used to represent protection, peace, and harmony. Paired with the peridot, a brilliant green color that inspires harmony, good health, and vitality, this pendant is a vessel for positive energies.

Housed in the sterling silver framework is a single pearl. This milky white, iridescent bead is a natural gift from the mystical ocean waters. Its presence evokes wisdom, beauty, and purity.

Guidance and Protection

This treasure from the sea promotes guidance and protection through its undeniable beauty. Under the influence of the turtle, pearl, and peridot energies, the wearer is sure to thrive. Elegant and striking, this keepsake piece will wear perfectly day to night.

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