Cliffs of Moher 2.5oz Travel Candle

$ 15.00

Gross weight: 440g/2.5ozMade using a natural wax blend Contains high quality fragrance & essential oilsLead-free cotton wick      Up to 45 hour burn-time Cliffs of Moher Inspired by a glorious sun filled day spent...


Gross weight: 440g/2.5oz
Made using a natural wax blend 
Contains high quality fragrance & essential oils
Lead-free cotton wick      
Up to 45 hour burn-time

Cliffs of Moher

Inspired by a glorious sun filled day spent at the Cliffs of Moher in Co. Clare, the scent of aromatic wild lavender and sea pink flower has been blended with soft green notes and sea spray accord to create a fragrance memory that is uplifting and mesmerizing.

Meet Our Vendor 

Founder Alison Banton has been engrossed by the world of fragrance since she was a child. With help from her beloved Aunt Mollie, she created her own fragrances from the hand picked flowers of her aunt’s garden in Ireland. Using the sweet water of the brook nearby and the whispering shoals, the blend would emerge, enchanting her. These experiences from her childhood led to a lifelong passion for fragrance creations. After studying in the French town of Grasse, she returned to Ireland to establish her brand Brooke & Shoals Fragrances.

After vacationing around her beautiful country with her family, she was inspired by its captivating landscape. She set out to convert the beauty of Ireland into scents that would bring her back to each entrancing moment. It is well known that scents are instrumental to evoking memories and experiences. This concept inspired Alison to help others access their own unique memories of Ireland through her collection Fragrance & Memories.

Alison is a strong supporter of Irish businesses, and has been loyal to her home country in her production from the very first day. Therefore, creating a brand that celebrates the Emerald Isle was a natural choice for her. Through her process, she ensures that her products are consistently high quality and support her fellow Irish. She uses only the highest quality ingredients, which means soy wax-based candles, alcohol-free diffusers, lead-free wicks, and no paraffin wax.